Telkwa Coal Limited is undertaking geology, environmental, socio-economic and cultural baseline studies, which will build on historical data that has been collected in the Project area and at the site. Baseline studies will inform the final Project Description, effects assessments and mitigation measures in Telkwa Coal’s regulatory application.

Existing Historic Information:

  • Meteorological data from regional stations
  • Data from four hydrology stations
  • Geology, geotechnical, terrain stability, soils and terrain site mapping
  • Site and regional water quality data collected between the 1970s and the 1990s
  • Geochemistry dataset with over 700 samples
  • Wildlife surveys and habitat mapping
  • Fish and aquatics sampling
  • Archaeological overview and impact assessment of the site and a heritage resources inventory

The current baseline program began in late 2016 with groundwater sampling. The bulk of the program was executed in 2017 with additional programs in 2018 and 2019 to prepare Telkwa Coal’s regulatory application. Water quality, hydrometric and atmospheric monitoring continues.

Baseline Programs for the Tenas Project:

  • Meteorology, Air Quality and Noise
  • Geochemistry and Hydrogeology
  • Groundwater and Surface Water Quality and Quantity (Hydrology)
  • Fish and Aquatic Resources
  • Ecosystems and Vegetation
  • Geology, Geotechnical, Terrain, Soils and Natural Hazards
  • Wildlife
  • Cultural Use and Archaeology
  • Socio-Economic and Land Use

See the Project Components page for additional information materials on Environmental Components for the Tenas Project.

Regulatory Compliance

The Tenas Project will undergo a comprehensive regulatory process, reviewed under:

    • the Environmental Assessment Act, administered by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (part of the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy)
    • the Mines Act, administered by the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources
    • the Environmental Management Act, administered by the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

See the Resources page for information materials on the Tenas Project’s Regulatory Schedule.