Project Components

Below is a list of the key Project Components for the Tenas Project. Much of what is listed below is typical for a small mining project. This list is subject to change.


  • Open Pit Operation
  • Conventional Excavator/Truck Operation
  • Producing 775,000 to 825,000 t/year of metallurgical coal for sale
  • Expected Mine Life (construction to completion of reclamation) is 25 years
  • Expected Footprint of operation (including rail, powerline, and Bypass road) ~1,050 ha


  • An 11 kilometre Bypass Road for mine traffic once constructed
  • Rail infrastructure that includes a 2.5 kilometre rail loop connection to the existing CN Railway line
  • Improvements to 6.5 kilometres of existing forestry service roads
  • Haulroads and access roads within the minesite

Mine Infrastructure

  • Coal Processing Plant
  • Coal handling systems for run of mine coal, processed rock, and processed coal (including plant conveyors, storage bins, and stockpiles)
  • Storage piles for rock, processed rock, and overburden and stockpiles for topsoil, processed coal and processed rock
  • Administration, first aid, maintenance, mine dry, laboratory, light vehicle, mine rescue, and warehouse buildings
  • Surface water management infrastructure (ditches, sedimentation, control, management, and storage ponds)
  • Water supply wells, storage, and distribution network
  • Fuel and lubricant storage facilities and distribution network
  • Explosives magazine, storage silos, and vehicle wash and maintenance facilities
  • Propane storage facilities and distribution network
  • Solid waste management systems including landfill, recycling and composting facilities
  • A 3.5 km long 25 kV powerline and a 25 kV to 600V substation adjacent to the Coal Processing Plant
  • A permanent bridge over Goathorn Creek

The Project Components figure outlines key mine features for the Tenas Project

The Project Infrastructure Open House Poster details common mining infrastructure that can be expected for the Tenas Project

See the Resources page for information materials on the Tenas Project