Project Phases

There are four main Project phases: Construction, Operations, Decommissioning and Reclamation, and Post-Closure

Construction: Construction activities will include site logging, topsoil salvage, construction of buildings, roads, rail infrastructure, and bridges as well as development of on-site utilities and services.

Operations: During operations, the mine pit and storage piles will be developed. Topsoil and other material suitable for reclamation or construction uses will be stockpiled. Coal will be processed and stockpiled prior to shipping.

Decommissioning and Reclamation: At closure, site infrastructure will be decommissioned and removed. The pit and storage piles will be re-sloped and re-vegetated. Disturbed lands and watercourses will be reclaimed in accordance with pre-approved land use objectives and government regulations.

Post-Closure: The pit is filled with water and the sedimentation ponds are no longer required. At this phase, the project will be monitored for water quality (groundwater and surface water), vegetation and wildlife.